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The Real Estate Marketing Alliance

The Real Estate Alliance brings together a talented team of professionals with experience across the entire spectrum of real estate marketing. Expertise includes project feasibility, market research, product positioning, strategic marketing, creative branding, e-commerce, website development, advertising and media strategy and sales implementation. The Alliance is a powerful resource uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive marketing services to the developer and builder industry.

Jim Doyle has launched several highly successful master planned communities literally from the ground up. Along the way, he has perfected a highly effective strategic planning approach, and developed many award-winning campaigns using every type of media from billboard, newspaper, magazine and sales center displays to broadcast, websites, email, pay-per-click and direct marketing. Now, as REDdot Target Marketing, he has aligned with PTC Computer Solutions and Parker Associates to bring together their combined years of experience and talents to help select real estate developments achieve greater marketing and sales potential.


PTC Computer SolutionsNo business can afford to be without a web presence. PTC Computer Solutions specializes in internet marketing, website design and development, search engine optimization and e-commerce marketing. David W. Parker has years of experience designing hundreds of websites including the development of Netneighbor, the connected community platform for planned communities.

Parker Associates is an international real estate development consultancy based in Jacksonville, Florida.  Its seasoned professionals combine the objectivity of quantitative market research with the creativity of practical development experience to formulate sales and marketing strategies tailored to the special characteristics of each property. Learn more at

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